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recycled Bar Counter

Bar Counter for sale

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner served

 Pallet Wooden Counter made up from wooden pallets The darker woods is  in smooth finish the counter to create a solid, solid bar counter. To provide glossy look to it, add a clear vanish to create shiny look to it.All the Counter will look both traditional as well as modern

pretoria bar counter
pretoria bar counter

Caved bar stool

Awesome, tasty snacks are available all day and night. Vegan and Paleo friendly, only organic and fresh.

pretoria bar counter

Cocktails & home

Relax with a tasty cocktail from our collection, and enjoy the good vides and atmosphere all around you.

home bar counter



  • Measurement 180cm x 130 cm
pretoria bar counter



  • measurement 160CM x 120cm
pretoria bar counter



  • measurementm 160CMX 70 cm
bar counter

sleem Counter


  • measurement 190 cm x 150cm
bar stool

Memoc Bar counter


  • Measurement 200cm x 60 cm
pretoria bar counter

Tiza bar counter


  • measurement 190 cm 150 cm
bar counter

Zebra counter


  • measurement 170cm x 120cm
pallet counter



  • Measurement 150cm 90 cm
pallet bar counter


R3.500 FOR 2 Piece

  • measurement 260 cm 190 cm
pretoria bar counter

pallet Moble counter

R2700 For 3 piece

  • Measurement 150cm x 150 cm
bar counter

Moble pallet counter


pretoria bar counter

pallet wood counter


  • measurement
pretoria bar counter

CR bar stool


pretoria bar counter

jk bar counter

R400 each

pritoria wooden barstools

ys bar stool



We looked around for a long time to find outdoor pallet bar counter and we are so happy we went with these ones! Seller was able to accommodate our non-standard size request and they arrived pretty quickly once we submitted the order.

Dana Lorem

high quality outdoor FURNITURE and helpful customer service! The wood  is also great outdoor quality. I purchased two of the L sharp chairs and  custom daybed . vendor was very helpful with a few custom requests I made. Would recommend

Linda Guthrie

I couldn’t be happier with the quality of this product for my outdoor pallet sectional. OBERT  was so helpful from beginning to end- Including material selection, color, timely transporting and tracking. The chairs are so comfortable and will withstand the unpredictability. If you are debating this purchase for a second, do not hesitate to follow through

Cynthia Henry

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